3D- printing and the properties of different plastics enables us to produce individual,

fully customised and biomechanical solutions for horses that are impossible to achieve through traditional methods.

3D-printed shoes (nailable or glue-ons)

Horseshoes that are 3D printed from different plastic materials have properties that are impossible to forge from steel or aluminium alloys - such as flexible solutions, complex structures (e.g. aircell, wedges etc.), shock absorption and nail-free fastening methods.

With 3D printing and the properties of plastic, it is possible to build individual horseshoes that are impossible to realize by other means and materials.


The 3D shoes printed from plastic are completely customised for the individual horse, biomechanics and discipline: they are measured precisely according to the dimensions of the hoof, and the necessary anatomical features can be built into the shoe based on X-ray images and movement evaluation.

The hoof is allowed to move and live naturally

The unshod hoof primarily touches the ground with the frog and hoof capsule. The hoof's internal blood circulation and the horse's coordination are largely based on anatomical ground response.

The shoe wears from the toe and the heels remain strong

The shoe wears like the hoof, which means that during the shoeing interval, the horse can naturally shape the shoe optimally for itself. Thanks to anatomical wear, the angle of the hoof and the hoof-pastern axis of the lower limb do not change during the shoeing interval.

Shock absorption

The shoe and pad materials can be chosen according to the horse's weight, purpose of use, required grip and riding surfaces. By absorbing maximum shock, you can improve the horse's chances for a long working career, improved performance and effortless movement.

Fully breathable

Due to the process of 3D printing, shoes and pads are made air and water permeable. When a horse steps on the shoes or pads, it pumps moisture out of the inside and through the 3D printed structure.

Easy to use, versatile to attach

It is possible to make the shoes very light, and their attachment can be chosen according to the condition of the hoof and the intended use of the horse.

The lightness and durability of plastic

Plastic shoes are light and durable. They last as long as steel shoes and are about a third of the weight. Therefore, they can be made into more complex structures while maintaining optimal conditions for the horse.

Like barefoot

Plastic shoes combine the best aspects of boots, barefoot and steel shoes. They offer the horse the same type of ground pressure response as a barefoot, as the weight is evenly distributed over the entire hoof.

Are 3D-printed shoes suitable for my horse?

3D-printed shoes are an excellent alternative for any horse, if the goal is to improve performance, increase working career and otherwise provide maximum comfort for your horse. It is also an excellent alternative for miniature horses and ponies whose hooves cannot be nailed into. In addition, plastic shoes are well suited for large horses whose hooves need a lot of support, such as draft and working horses.

3D-printed shoes can also bring support for horses who have special needs due to injuries or anatomical conditions. We can provide solutions built with 3D printing and the properties of plastic, which are impossible to implement by other means.

In addition, the plastic shoe offers a warmer alternative than the steel shoe for horses that suffer from blood circulation disorders in the hoof, caused by frostbite, because thermal insulation can also be added to the shoe, which is made completely according to the horse's needs. This is perhaps more of a problem in Finland and other Nordic countries.


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3D-printed pads

Our patented 3D-printed pads are made from durable, soft and breathable  thermoplastic polyurethane.
One of the interesting properties of the 3D printing method is that the softness and density of the pads can be modified according to the structure of the print. A lot of our pads have aircells in the structure which provides shock absorption on an entirely different level to the normal, injection moulded pads on the market.

We have a standard selection of frog-support, frog-support with various degrees of wedge, full-support and rim pads according to different sized horseshoes.

3D-printed pads are also designed for the individual horse, according to X-ray images and movement evaluation. They can be printed with exactly the kind of properties that help the horse move in the best possible way.

Soft and flexible material
Horses First's 3D-printed pads are made of soft, durable but flexible material and aircells printed into the structure, so their shock absorption is the best possible on the market.

Even though our pads are extremely soft, they last much longer than any other pads that we have used. Usually with hard working performance horses, they will last around half a year. However, our longest lasting pads are still in use with the original horse after 4 years, amd still going strong.

Fully breathable
The pads are printed with a structure that allows air and moisture to pass through, so they breathe and the hoof underneath remains dry and clean.

Biomechanics included
3D-printed pads that are custom designed for the horse are based on the horse's lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, which best serve the needs of the horse in question. We use x-rays and MRI images to help design the best possible solution for the horse.

If, for example, the horse's hoof-pastern axis needs to be straightened, you can 3D print a wedge frog-support pad for the horse out of soft plastic, with a wedge of just the right angle - as long as the position of the coffin bone and the need for correction have first been verified with e.g. X-rays.

If, on the other hand, the horse has thin soles, the solution is a 3D-printed, elastic frog-support pad with correctly selected and correctly installed packing inside, because the frog-support pad activates the frog and protects the hoof so that blood circulation is improved and the soles become thicker.

In addition, the grip and friction of the ground-facing surface of 3D-printed pads can be designed separately, because, for example, a horse moving on sand benefits from a different pad than a horse moving in fibre-based footing.

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3D-printed foal correction shoes

With the help of foal correction shoes applied at the right time and in the right way, angular limb deformities of foals can be easily corrected - such as flaccidity issues or club feet.

Please contact us if you are interested in our 3D printed foal correction shoes.

Prices 2023 (inc. 24% VAT):

3D-printed glue-on or nail-on shoes
XS (00 or smaller) 18,60€/shoe
S (0-1) 24,80€/shoe
M (2-4) 37,20€/shoe
L (5-6) 55,80€/shoe
XL (draft) 68,20€/shoe

XS  (shetland/mini) 18,60€/boot
S  (3X0-0) 24,80€/boot
M (1-3) 37,20€/boot
L (4-5) 55,80€/boot
XL (6-8) 80,60€/boot

Pads (frog-support, wedge, full-support)
XS (00 or smaller) 9,92€/shoe
S (0-1) 14,88€/shoe
M (2-4) 19,84€/shoe
L (5-6) 24,80€/shoe
XL (draft) 31€/shoe

* prices may change