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Horses First is based on the proven knowledge and skills of a unique horse handler. Approach a horse with an open heart and provide open space to truly be a horse and a relationship of trust and understanding will result. Jennifer Humphrey

With a life time of horse experience, Jennifer Humphrey brings to Horses First a wide range of skills and knowledge. Her training emphasis is to enhance the union of horse and handler with understanding and patience.

Jennifer is practical in her training and instruction. She understands the language of horses and has a straight forward approach to horsemanship. Her expertise has earned her an excellent reputation.

Of course, as in any business, our best advertisement is a good reputation. We are committed to long term relationships with our clients and repeat customers. We have a monthly newsletter for clinics, trail rides, group lessons, special events and horses for sale. We are committed to developing safe, rewarding human-horse relationships for many years to come.

Fall/Winter Training Special

Especially for weanling and yearlings

Now is a golden opportunity to give your young one a good, solid and rewarding foundation for the rest of their lives. More

Young horse training at Horses First


Our training program helps your horse understand and respond to soft, simple cues both on the ground and under saddle. Groundwork includes leading, ponying,  more

Leading by example

Horses for Sale

Single Gent   "Huckster"

Single Gent   "Huckster"
If not him we have several others here or we can help you find someone else who will suit you.


Our instruction teaches the rider or handler to understand horse behavior first. Most problems with horses come from more

Learning at Horses First

After living in New Mexico for twenty one years and gaining the reputation of one of its premier trainers, instructors and clinicians, Jennifer Humphrey has moved to Longmont, Colorado. Back to her roots and her family. She is excited to meet new people and their horses.

"Jennifer has an uncanny gift of understanding horses. They love her and respond to her training, in kind." S.K.

"She inspires confidence in the horse as well as the person. She is patient and kind." P.E.

"She is professional, reliable and competent in all aspects of the stewardship of horses." R.H.

"Whether a horse is of advanced age nearing retirement or very young in the earliest stages of training. She is understanding and takes her time. She is gentle, but firm and is alert for dangerous behavior. She helps the horse understand its job, what is acceptable and what is not. She is patient with horses and people. She encourages, corrects-gently and sometimes more firmly, and is there to applaud when the horse and person come together and get it right. She sees potential when others may not. I have seen her accomplish wonderful outcomes from what seemed like impossible situations. It is truly remarkable to watch." M.K.

"I learned more attending her clinics than I did from years of instruction. My horse and I had a wonderful time learning from and playing with Jennifer." W.B.

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