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 Young Horse Training

Trainer - Jennifer Humphrey

We will be working with a variety of young horses from eight months to three years old.  We will do everything from halter training to putting a saddle on for the first time.

 Our method of training is gentle, easy to understand and enjoyable  for the horse and human.  We will teach you the groundwork to make your first ride uneventful and relaxed.  This clinic will give you a solid foundation to gain trust and respect from your horse.

 You will learn how to teach your horse to:

  • Lunge

  • Pony

  • Drive or long rein

  •  Bridle, halter and saddle properly

  • Round pen

  • Yield to pressure

Among other things.

 Letís start them right!

 Bring your own horse or work with one of ours.  Much of the training we use for young horses is beneficial for horses of any age or level of training.


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