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Ponying is when you ride one hore and lead the other beside you.  Ponying

Trainer - Jennifer Humphrey

 Magic happens.  Ponying is an amazing training technique as well as a practical necessity in many situations. Ponying is when you ride one horse and lead the other beside you.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, “bar none”, the most valuable and effective training we do.

 It is especially effective for young, afraid or unresponsive horses.  We use the pony horse to train, calm and inspire the student horse.  It involves teaching horses to yield to leg and rein pressure, to be socialized and be calm in adversity.  If you are a trail rider and ride in groups you are eventually going to encounter a situation where you need to pony a horse.  It may sound easy but to do it correctly and safely you need skill and finesse.  Let us help keep you and the horses safe.

 Ponying is also a wonderful dance.  If you explore the possibilities you can do dressage, reining patterns or go on trail rides with two horses.  Ultimately, they would much rather learn from each other than us. 

Teaching a horse to lead from horseback takes skill and finesse.  It is absolutely one of the most beneficial and effective methods that we use in our training and rehabilitation programs.  It is essential in preparing a young horse to be ridden for the first time. They will have less fear and be more willing to accept a rider.  “Ponying” is a great way to bring a horse back from injury or illness. 

 Learning how to pony a horse will accelerate your horsemanship skills so much you won’t believe it.  Not to mention the magical experience of working with two horses at the same time.  The horse you are riding helps to teach the young or inexperienced horse.


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