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Ground to Saddle………….Freestyle

Trainer:  Jennifer Humphrey

Our most popular; enjoyable and informative clinic. You will develop a better feel of movement, rhythm and timing.  Your horse will be relaxed, supple and responsive.  You will learn soft, subtle, simple cues both on the ground and in the saddle. You will be able to do patterns and smooth transitions with a relaxed rein.
 The trainer for this event is Jennifer Humphrey.  She trains and instructs from her heart.    The horse’s understanding and well-being always comes first.  With her philosophy and techniques the relationship between horse and human is more enjoyable, well-rounded and rewarding.

Come join us and see how easily your goals can be achieved.

$80 participant / $30 auditor
When integrity and experience count

Contact Jennifer
7M Ranch, Hwy 52, Longmont
303 518-7830