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Trainer: Jennifer Humphrey

Fall/Winter Training Special

Especially for weanlings and yearlings
$350/month!  This special training fee applies to all training, not just the young ones.
Now is a golden opportunity to give your young ones a good, solid, rewarding foundation for now and the rest of their lives.
I take all the time they need to make every experience a safe, good one.  No stress.  No hurry worry.  If we spend the time now and don't rush them it saves time and money, for you, in the future.  My absolute first priority is their well-being and I hope it is yours.  They will be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy the process.
Some of my clients have called my young horse training "Charm School" or "Summer Camp" or "Sleepover". I am truly grateful and humbled that they didn't call it "Boot Camp".
Training will include:
-Tying.  We first start by wrapping the lead rope around a safe hitching rail.  Then we advance to a stronger slip knot.
-Worming with no problems.
-Picking up their feet with just a touch.
-Using an electric clipper.  You never know if you have to clip a wound.  Also, if you have goals of showing you don't want to wait until the day of the show to clip your horse for the first time.  Imagine someone saying they are going to shave your head!
-Trailering.  Would you get in a trailer without reservation?  I, surely, wouldn't unless, I totally trusted that I was safe.
-Blanketing.  Again, there are times that they will need a blanket if they are ill or if you show.
-Leading on both sides, including trotting and pivots.
-Introduction to lunging.  Just an introduction!  We can easily over-do small circles when their bones aren't fully developed.
-Light ponying.  A very valuable and under-rated exercise.  The pony horse helps the young ones know that everything is okay.  Also, the young horse gets comfortable with us being above them.
Spring will be here before you know it.  Really, it will!  With this foundation training you and your horse can take it easy in the winter.  You will be surprised how much they will remember.
  All of this ensures that your horse will be safe and happy for the rest of their lives.
  I would be honored to meet you and your horse.  We can all assess each other to see if we can build a relationship. 
Assessment:  $30/includes lesson
Training fee is normally $650-850/month

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