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Some absolute facts about horses:


Even if we kept them in a padded cell they would still hurt themselves sometimes.

If we have a grandiose ego while attempting to become a better horseperson we will quickly be revealed as an ass.

 Some things, including horses don’t need to be fixed.  Simply, they need not be broken in the first place.

 Horses like having fair, clear boundaries and be shown what the boundaries are.

 They are truly honest about who they are.  Whether it be good or bad.

Horses are always sensitive to our moods, energy and emotions.  They respond accordingly.

 Sometimes when you have a plan or agenda that is too rigid or untimely, horses will take the course of a meandering stream rather than a straight line.  If you are open and listen to them you’ll find that their idea is frequently better than yours.

 They are much more practical than we are.  It’s us that make life complicated.

Horses will always tell you, usually ahead of time, when to “let go” and when to “hold on”.

 They will always teach you to breathe, take your time, be present and patient.

 No horse is perfect.  Although many come close.

Their ears are their best communication.

 The way to their heart is not necessarily through their stomach.  It is more through our understanding of them.

When integrity and experience count

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