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Trainer - Jennifer Humphrey

"photo courtesy of our dear friend Bob Eggers"

 HORSES FIRST presents a clinic with the involved horse person in mind.

Topics include: 

Evaluating and administering basic first aid

Prevention of injury and illness

Knowing your horse’s vital signs

Making sense of topicals and medications

Evaluating your horse’s comfort, well-being and safety

Supplying your equine medicine cabinet

and more

  You should know your horse better than anyone.  This clinic will give you confidence to make educated decisions concerning your horse’s care.  You will also develop skills to help others in need of assistance.

  By knowing and caring for your horse better, your veterinary bills will be greatly minimized and your horse will be much healthier and happier.  We will use our horses for this clinic unless your horse has needs that we can address.  This is a very important clinic to attend not only for you and your horse but also for your community.


When integrity and experience count

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