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Discovering Your Horseís Aptitude

 Trainer - Jennifer Humphrey

I want to be a competitive Reiner but my horse doesnít stop or spin well.  I want to jump but my horse refuses jumps or knocks them over.  I want to do endurance riding but my horse, who used to load into the trailer easily, wonít load.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, maybe it is a behavioral problem.  Maybe not.  Perhaps your horse is not suited for the job you have chosen for it, due to conformation, level of desire or athletic ability.

 Letís figure it out together.

Weíll try to discover your horseís natural abilities. Youíll learn how to recognize and enhance them.  We will teach you about conformation, conditioning and communication to suit your discipline.  This is one of our most interesting and fun clinics.



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