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Cavallo Loves Kids

I recently shared a wonderful experience with a Quarter Horse gelding named Cavallo, my niece Jessica, nephew Cody and Kathleen, Cavallo's owner. Cavallo got kicked in the chest with both hinds by another horse. He was lame immediately. I recruited Cody and Jess to help me treat him. We ran cold water on his injury for twenty minutes, cleaned out a slight puncture wound and then applied ice. Cody held Cavallo and Jessica held the ice pack, pretty much until her arms gave out.

Then Cody walked him to see if he was better. He wasn't. I couldn't quite believe it, with the injury looking so minor. I took the lead rope and tried to get him to walk out. Hmmmm? Suddenly better. I handed the rope back to Cody. Cavallo immediately lowered his head to Cody's level, started to walk slower and limp more dramatically. I looked right into his droopy eyes and just giggled. He looked into mine as if to say, "Please, don't let on. It really does hurt....a little."

On one hand, he was lame and there was a puncture that you should never take lightly. On the other, how could I possibly deny this sweet horse's request for two or three days of extra TLC in the hands of children? I couldn't. We stretched it to three or four days, in fact!

I am pretty sure that he got kicked just so he could spend some time getting loved and healed by two sweet kids. I regret that the photo isn't the best but, hopefully, you can see that the look in his eyes seem to quietly say, "Thanks, Jen, I like this." Of course, the lameness didn't last long. Long enough for a few daily walks with the kids and some cool water therapy where he was swollen.

He needed a different kind of attention and I am glad we listened. He has been appreciative ever since. We think we know what horses need. Most of the time we are wrong unless we think like a horse. What they want and need are very simple, practical and come from an open heart. Cavallo reminded me to listen, not think.

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