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Black Jam

“Jammer” is a beautiful, black, Quarter Horse gelding.  We joke that he has been 40 years old for a few years now.  Forty three years young.  He doesn’t accept that he is a bit “ long in the tooth”.  Yes, he has a few hitches in his get-along but he has the free spirit of a young colt.

  I am thankful for his owner Linda who has given me the pleasure of taking care of him for the past eight years.  I surely never take her trust, commitment and confidence for granted.  She has always provided for him.  She didn’t dispose of him as a companion horse, cart him to an auction or neglect her obligation to take care of him.  I respect and admire her for that.  We are a for profit business.  Her board is the same as everyone  else’s.  Thank you linda.

  Jammer is absolutely the only horse here who can do anything he wants.  He has earned it.  For instance, he has no grinders (teeth) to speak of.  Floating? No longer an option.  We mix beet pulp, pellets and sweet feed twice a day and soak it for an hour.  He also gets a flake of alfalfa just so he feels like a horse.  Of course, he can’t eat the stems but he is occupied for hours picking through it for the flake.  Needless to say he is always anxious to get his “oatmeal”.  We have to bend over his feeder to put his bucket in.  More than once, many times in fact, he has shoved our rears with his head to get to it.  It’s okay.  It’s Jammer.

  We open his stall door several times a week so he can roam the property and visit the other horses.  They are always happy to see him.  When he gets tired or wants a drink he’ll go back to his stall.

  There have been four foals born here in the last five years.  Jam has had a very important role in all the births.  That of Grandpa.  His stall is next to the birthing stall.  One of the foals, Buster, who you can see on the web site in “mare and foal care”, had a hard birth.  Vic, his owner, and I had to pull him out.  When he finally emerged I fell on my rear with Buster in my lap and Jam’s head over my shoulder.  Everyone was fine and we cried.  We couldn’t have done it without Jammer.

  He is particularly fond of the latest foal named Tango.  He was born on July 16th.  We checked on Lady at 11:30 p.m. and went to bed.  At 1:00 a.m. we got up to check her again.  Tango was halfway out, under the fence, in Jammer’s stall.  Like the wonderful, kind spirit he is, Jam was standing over the baby taking care of him.  He looked at me as if to say, “It’s about time you got here!”.  Because of the wonderful design of this facility we were able to easily open the divider to give Lady more room and move Jammer away.  He carefully watched every placement of his feet so he wouldn’t step on the baby.

  Tango always has a nicker for Jammer and is excited when he wanders back to his stall after his jaunts.  When we take Lady and Tango out for walks Jammer follows along sharing his wisdom.

  Black Jam, Jammer, Jam, Jammie, Grandpa is a wonderful horse.  He is wise, kind, trusting and he has the spirit of a young colt.  He has taught us so much about giving, responsibility, trust and unconditional love.  We are forever grateful. 

  Thank you, Jammer.

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