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Trainer - Jennifer Humphrey

Jennifer has developed a unique, innovative, informative and practical program. It's fun, affordable and very successful. It is for you and your horse’s individual needs and goals.

Initially she will assess and evaluate your horse’s physical and mental condition, conformation, soundness, aptitude and training level. She will then assess you and your horse as a team. She will suggest and develop an individualized step by step, week by week, month by month progressive program.

This program is not limited to any breed age or discipline including mules and ponies. Both beginner and advanced horse-people will benefit. It has also been proven successful for rehabilitation from an injury, illness or trauma.

Jennifer is professional, thorough and fair. She will also do assessments only, if you choose not to commit to the program.

Take advantage of this! You and especially your horse, will be happy with the rewards and successes.


When integrity and experience count

Contact Jennifer
7M Ranch, Hwy 52, Longmont
303 518-7830