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A Match Made in Heaven

Some things are simply meant to be.  Such is the case of a horse named Moqui that we recently sold.  Moqui is a buckskin, Quarter Horse gelding.  He is gorgeous, just the right age, has good training and a variety of experience.  All the elements that usually make a horse perfect for anyone to ride.  Although I would definitely describe him as gentle he is also complicated.  He lacks total trust and confidence in humans so he tends to make his own decisions.  Some of which are not at all what we had in mind.

  He needed someone to build his confidence.  To show him that some humans really are capable of making good decisions that take care of him.  Someone that cares enough to focus on him and make every experience a good one and enjoys the process.  Someone with endless patience and love.

  Lucky for Moqui we found just the right person.  Actually he found us.  Bill responded by email to the for sale ad.  I knew we had a prospective good home for Moqui when one of Bill’s statements was, “I want to continue to grow as a horseman and learn better horsemanship.”  He also described his other horse who was obviously troubled when he got him.  Among other things he said, “He just needed a gentle approach and a confident leader.  I’m very proud of him now.”  The entire email sounded kind and humble.  Unfortunately, most people don’t allow themselves to be humbled by horses. Which I think is one of their greatest gifts to us.  Most people are quite the opposite and claim to be better than they are and understand horses more than they do.

  Our first thought was, this guy, Bill, is too good to be true.  After a few phone calls and rescheduled times it was time for Bill and Moqui to meet.  In my opinion, he started off on the right foot.  He walked into Moqui’s pen and just stood there waiting for Moqui to approach him.  Sure enough, he did.  Good sign.  Moqui doesn’t walk up to just anyone.  You have to understand that we don’t just sell horses here.  We try very hard to find good matches.  Most importantly the horses have to be comfortable with the person and suited to the intended use.

  Usually, I handle the horse first and demonstrate what I know about them.  In this case I asked Bill if he wanted to get to know him on his own.  For many reasons.  One being Moqui was completely relaxed and comfortable with him and I had a feeling they would be okay getting to know each other without my involvement.

    Much to my surprise and satisfaction he didn’t want to saddle and ride him right away.  He wanted to do ground work in the round pen for “awhile”.  I made myself comfortable and sat and watched quietly, not saying a word.  As most of my students know, the not saying a word part rarely happens.  I spent the next hour observing one of the most moving, beautiful demonstrations of horsemanship I have ever seen.  Moqui and Bill became friends by using body language, breathing and open hearts.  They moved together without judgment or preconceived notions.  After awhile Bill jumped on Moqui bareback and just sat there and laid there.  After doing that a few times he asked him to walk and eventually trot.  Bill hardly spoke a word the entire time.  At the end he was on his knees with Moqui’s head over his shoulder.  He was visibly moved, awed and thankful for what this magnificent creature had just given him.  What they had given each other.  I certainly had tears in my eyes. 

  You might think that I am describing the method of getting on a horse for the first time, that had never been ridden.  You would be right.  That is exactly the point and the lesson for us all.  We put a lot of pressure on horses and make assumptions before they even know us or what we want.  Bill took so much time to get to know Moqui and adapt to his rhythm and needs before he ever asked anything of him.  I call it "playing fair".  If everyone looking for a horse to buy did it the way Bill did they and the horse would be much better off. We humans already have an unfair edge over horses by the demands we put on them.  The very least that we can do for them is give them all the time they need to understand.

  Congratulations Bill and Moqui for finding each other and for the many wonderful experiences you will have together.


Three months after Moqui and Bill became partners they are still doing great.  Bill says Moqui is a dream and such a sweet horse.  He also thanked us for putting the two of them together.

Thank you, Bill.  People like you and horses like Moqui make what we do worthwhile.

Notice both Bill and Moqui's soft, gentle body language.

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